"A young elemental superhero from Earth named BoBoiBoy needs to search and collect Power Spheras hidden across the galaxy."


An Alien Emperor plans to conquer the galaxy by using Power Spheres, robots that can grant super powers to anyone
who becomes its master. Nobody dares to stand up to the Emperor except for a young kid from Earth named BoBoiBoy.
BoBoiBoy is a normal kid who has super powers that was given by Ochobot, the last Power Sphere with untold potential.

Thanks to his sense of responsibility, BoBoiBoy is now leading a group of super kids to collect and recruit more Power Spheres
before they fall into the Emperor's hands. To achieve this goal BoBoiBoy has to travel the galaxy from planet to planet and
fight epic battles, find new friends and meet new foes. During his travels BoBoiBoy will encounter strange new worlds
such as a Chicken Planet, Space Race Planet, Ocean Cloud planet and many more.

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  • 144 full colored pages
  • Compilation of the 4 episodes
  • BoBoiBoy Galaxy Concept Art
  • Hardcover book type

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BoBoiBoy Galaxy Series

A group of young superheroes goes on an adventure across the galaxy to find and collect Power Spheres before they fall into the hands of an evil alien emperor.

Type: 3D Animated Series Genre: Boy Action/Adventures
Format: 26 episodes x 22 mins. Target Audience: 7 - 12 years old
Language: Bahasa Malaysia Release: November 2016


  • Collect all 54 cards total
  • 6 unique BoBoiBoy poster to be revealed
  • Find 9 cards and combine all together to form a unique poster
  • Each packet contain 6 cards
  • One special card included in each packet


BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run

BoBoiBoy Galaxy: Galactic Heroes

Not Available.